Construction Specialties is proud to offer Onyx Collection products. This collection manufactures showers bases, shower pans, tubs and tub surrounds, sinks, trim and other shower accessories. Their products can be produced in almost any size, shape and color to match your specifications.

The Onyx Collection Products
onyx shower


Onyx features a wide variety of standard shower bases as well as custom shower bases.

double vanity bathroom sinks


Onyx offers standard lavatories as well as custom lavatories with a variety of bowl styles and edge styles.

shower caddy


Accessories include shower caddies and seats, wall panels, trim and more.

Design & Styles Options for Showers

Standard Showers

Onyx shower bases are available in over 60 different sizes and options. A standard size will work for most shower remodels and can be matched with our wall panels, shower accessories and shower seats.

showers standard
showers standard storage

Custom Showers

Shower bases, wall panels, accessories, and seats can be made in any size and shape. Special drain locations, walk-in designs, angles curbs, glass block applications, ramp accessibility, and special angles are all possible with custom showers.

custom shower

Onyx Shower Accessories & Trim

Shower caddies, shower seats, grab bars and other shower accessories are available in several styles options. Newer caddy designs have taller shelf spaces to allow for larger soap and shampoo bottles.Trim options include inside and outside corner trim, crown molding, chair rail, baseboard, window and door casing, flat trim, tile trim and other molded trim.

pearl tall corner
liberty corner
gem stone corner seat
grab bar liberty with rod
full height curb corner
mid height curb sml
curb low pro corner
low profile ramp
Design & Styles Options for Lavatories


Available in standard and custom sizes, lavatories can be made in any color to match your Onyx shower. Many bowl styles, color options, edge profiles and thicknesses are available to fit both traditional and contemporary styling.

recessed oval lavatory sink
olympic lavatory sink

Lavatory Bowl & Edge Options

recessed oval lavatory
non recessed oval lavatory
olympic lavatory
venetian lavatory example
onyx lavatory edge ogee
onyx lavatory edge beveled
onyx lavatory edge raised
1 thick flat edge