Remodel Makes Way for Double Stove, Open Layout

A Lawrence Homeowner is seeking the help of Construction Specialties as she begins the process of renovating her childhood home. After her mother’s recent passing, the new homeowner began moving into the house, and quickly contacted Construction Specialties to begin the process of improving the space. “We came in and gutted this whole level,” Mike Warner says, as he stands in the newly refurbished kitchen of the two-story home. Mike is the co-owner of Construction Specialties: a locally owned, and family operated business in Lawrence, Kansas. 

Tearing Down Walls Creates Space for Kitchen Renovation

Mike recounts the arduous process of removing walls to create ample space for a wide open layout in the new kitchen. “I think the real story is the kitchen,” says Mike. “This is a super functional kitchen. We [basically] tripled the size.” Construction Specialties installed a countertop island, with two stove tops, along with new cabinets from Custom Wood Products. Beneath the cabinets are sets of adjustable LED lighting fixtures, which brighten the space up, and add and extra flair. The kitchen also features a wooden counter, which slides out from beneath the granite counter top; the extension offers the perfect place for a mixer, or cutting board. “Her son likes to cook,” Mike says, in reference to the Homeowner. In response, Mike’s team installed a double oven set up, with a conviction microwave, which serves dual purposes.

Lawrence Kansas home remodeling company Construction Specialties knocks out a wall to renovate this new kitchen.

How Construction Companies Consult with Interior Designer to Add Personal Touch

At the center of the Kitchen is a beautiful mosaic, decorating the backsplash with the image of a sunflower, specially selected by an interior designer who works closely with Construction Specialties, Sarah Kellogg.

“Without someone like Sarah coming in, and helping with this excellent ‘cream on top’ of the design, this would just be a regular backsplash,” Mike says.

Construction Specialties leans on Kellogg’s eye for design and personal touches such as the sunflower mosaic.

Watch more about how Sarah Kellogg’s services fit with the Construction Specialties experience below.

Specialty Products Spruce up Bedroom and Bathroom

In addition to the kitchen, the team renovated the master bedroom. The adjacent bathroom gained stunning results thanks to its new trendy fixtures. Construction Specialties often renovates with Onyx products. This material spruces things up with clean lines and grout-free finishes. The appliances match the clean look. In order to create more space for the master bedroom, the crew rearranged the laundry room, without compromising in functionality. Construction Specialties also worked diligently to replace window trim throughout the house. The work is far from over, and as the Construction Specialties crew continue their work, they take one step closer to another job well-done. Watch the video below to see the team’s progress:

Wet Bar Expands Lawrence Homeowner’s Kitchen Remodel

When considering a kitchen remodel, a popular addition is a wet bar to add style and space. A homeowner in Lawrence Kansas worked with home remodeler Construction Specialties to convert an old bookshelf into wet bar.

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How to Pick a Sink During Wet Bar Remodel

When brainstorming home bar ideas, Jana and her husband debated whether they actually needed a sink. They agreed to design a new wet bar next to their kitchen. The husband didn’t think it was necessary to have a sink at the bar. However, the steel sink added function and value to the overall kitchen remodel. This wet bar sink features a brushed satin finish. Once finished, they agreed that the sink brings the entire wet bar together. The 18 inch sink was the difference between having a standard bar or a literal wet bar. Construction Specialties works with top rated plumbers to brainstorm and execute solutions with every project.

How Building a Wet Bar Gives Kitchen Remodel More Space

You can see how the wet bar gives more entertaining space. Guests can wander from the kitchen into the open layout wet bar area. Construction Specialties also re-did the hardwood flooring in this home. Construction Specialties provides home remodeling clients with a wide variety of finishes and materials to choose from during any kitchen remodel project.

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If you are a homeowner in Lawrence Kansas, looking for a professional and reputable home remodeling company, turn to Construction Specialties for any of your home improvement needs. The company specializes in kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling. No job is too tough for Construction Specialties top handle.

About Construction Specialties Home Remodeling Company

Company co-owners Mike Warner and Nick Warner are Lawrence locals, and take pride in delivering value to customers, while offering a wide selection of specialty products to choose from.

This video production was provided by Matty D. Media LLC; a company serving small businesses in and around Lawrence Kansas. The video was shot by Eric Scherbarth and edited by Liam Chewning.

A Lawrence Kansas couple converted an old bookshelf into a trendy wet bar with the help of Construction Specialties.

Interior Design Trends with Sarah Kellogg

Interior designer Sarah Kellogg and Mike Warner of Construction Specialties discuss Kansas trends.

Interior design trends in Kansas continue showing a mixture of new and old.  Interior designer Sarah Kellogg dropped by the 2019 Lawrence Home Show to chat with Construction Specialties owner Mike Warner.  Watch some of the mood boards and materials that are popular.

Kansas Interior Design Trends

Construction Specialties works closely with the area’s best interior designers, like Sarah Kellogg.

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About the Lawrence Kansas Home Show

The Lawrence Home Show is an annual event put on by the Lawrence Homebuilders Association.  You can learn more about this event by visiting


Budget-friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Lighting, cabinet and island ideas for smaller kitchens

Finding budget-friendly kitchen remodel ideas can feel impossible.  And planning a kitchen remodel is normally a daunting tasks.  If homeowners have a smaller kitchen, it can also feel like they have no choices.  However, a few wise choices can make a major impact.   

Home Advisor estimates that the average kitchen remodel costs nearly $22,000 dollars.  However, homeowners may find individual solutions to be affordable.

Modest-sized kitchen gets epic remodel

Construction Specialties recently completed a kitchen remodel in the heart of Lawrence, KS, for a client who loves to entertain. This was not a large-scale project.  However, it creates large-scale benefits for the homeowners. The existing kitchen was tight, making entertaining a challenge. Construction Specialties remodeled it, creating an updated kitchen with more functionality and character.

How to pair cabinets and kitchen islands

One of the most notable changes during the project was the addition of an island, which increased the functionality of the space. An additional pull-out system provided a custom feel as well as extra storage space. Adding the island doubled the cabinet space on the uppers, maximizing usable space so that the countertop could be reserved for entertaining. Construction Specialties matched the finish on the existing cabinets.  The new island now integrates seamlessly with the entire design.

Lighting can change the whole feel of a space. The Construction Specialties crew put dimmable pendant lights over the kitchen island.  The “can lights” were removed and replaced with LED trims. Since lighting comes in many different hues and tones, and fixtures are available in a wide array of styles, colors, and designs, it was crucial to make the right choices to create the ambiance the homeowners were looking for.

How appliances can affect a home remodel

An appliance upgrade was also in order. The electric cooktop was converted to gas.  Switching stoves from gas-to-electric or vice versa are customer needs that Construction Specialties manages often  Any decision about appliance conversions boils down to customer preference.

Microwave ovens are also prime candidates for an upgrade. New technology means that many microwaves now come with their own venting system. No longer do they have to vent outside; charcoal filters do the same thing. Many clients aren’t aware of all that new appliances have to offer, and they’re delighted when Construction Specialities explains the options and helps them decide which appliances to upgrade or replace.

How to Contact Construction Specialties

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