When considering a kitchen remodel, a popular addition is a wet bar to add style and space. A homeowner in Lawrence Kansas worked with home remodeler Construction Specialties to convert an old bookshelf into wet bar.

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How to Pick a Sink During Wet Bar Remodel

When brainstorming home bar ideas, Jana and her husband debated whether they actually needed a sink. They agreed to design a new wet bar next to their kitchen. The husband didn’t think it was necessary to have a sink at the bar. However, the steel sink added function and value to the overall kitchen remodel. This wet bar sink features a brushed satin finish. Once finished, they agreed that the sink brings the entire wet bar together. The 18 inch sink was the difference between having a standard bar or a literal wet bar. Construction Specialties works with top rated plumbers to brainstorm and execute solutions with every project.

How Building a Wet Bar Gives Kitchen Remodel More Space

You can see how the wet bar gives more entertaining space. Guests can wander from the kitchen into the open layout wet bar area. Construction Specialties also re-did the hardwood flooring in this home. Construction Specialties provides home remodeling clients with a wide variety of finishes and materials to choose from during any kitchen remodel project.

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If you are a homeowner in Lawrence Kansas, looking for a professional and reputable home remodeling company, turn to Construction Specialties for any of your home improvement needs. The company specializes in kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling. No job is too tough for Construction Specialties top handle.

About Construction Specialties Home Remodeling Company

Company co-owners Mike Warner and Nick Warner are Lawrence locals, and take pride in delivering value to customers, while offering a wide selection of specialty products to choose from.

This video production was provided by Matty D. Media LLC; a company serving small businesses in and around Lawrence Kansas. The video was shot by Eric Scherbarth and edited by Liam Chewning.

A Lawrence Kansas couple converted an old bookshelf into a trendy wet bar with the help of Construction Specialties.